The Storkful Universe

Welcome to what you might consider either very fun or very Black Mirror… Welcome to a new online world where you can create and procreate in your own image… and compete with other virtual parents while doing it!


Welcome to Storkful!

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= Storkful

So what exactly is Storkful, and how does it work?

The Storkful Universe

A player’s journey in the Storkful digital universe begins with the birth of their baby.

The Birth

A birth occurs when a player starts the game by creating a baby.

Storkful costs $9 to have a baby, per month, or $99 annually. The first 2 months are free.

A player requires two images of the parents, in order to derive the physical characteristics of the parents.

Each baby also receives randomized characteristics within permissible ranges across the range of Baby Attributes in the Storkful DNA (Luck, Strength, Talent, Intelligence, Fame, Wealth, Death Probability). 

A Storkful baby/adult can *die* randomly, dependent on a certain randomness factor accounted for in the Attribute called Death Probability.

A dead Storkful being is marked as dead, appears greyed out, with a little halo/angel-wings, and only dresses in white. And has extremely limited gameplay options.

Players can have any number of babies – the pricing is TBD:

  • First baby – $99/year
  • Second parallel live baby – $999/year?

Pure vanity, pure bling.

Babies will have stats that let others know what a baby cost player (diamond million-dollar badge, gold 100K badge, etc).

On Celebrities

A player can upload any two images to create a new baby. This means one can use anyone’s photo to play the game. Indeed, one can have a virtual child with Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson, or indeed Donald Trump, or Barack Obama.

The system will make it easy to find famous parents that are already on the platform, in order that the same celebrities parent the various children that players breed with them.

Verified Identities

Likewise, for a fee, players can upgrade their profile to Verified status, which makes it official, great for celebrities and famous organizations etc.

Non-Binary Parents!

By the same token, as the parents can be any two images, players can have babies within the LGBTQ and other non-binary communities.

Again, the system will make it easy to find communities of babies with various interest affiliations and affinity groups.


This happens when babies grow up to be 18, at which point they can also have babies with each other, or with new players. An overall family tree is maintained by the system, including parentage and “DNA” characteristics.

More than two parents!

Similarly, the system is able to support multiple parents and use their physical characteristics from their images, as well as their Player Attributes should they be Storkful citizens themselves, to create new offspring.

The Growth

Babies grow at a standard, system-defined pace. The baby timeline moves at 1 month calendar time to age the babies to 1 year of age.

Babies could die! This depends on their Death-Probability Attribute.

Objective of the Game

The main objective of the game is for parents to have babies that have the highest scores.

Babies earn Storkles each time they do things or unlock milestones. Storkles can also be earned by creating and selling in-game items.

Storkles can also be purchased.

Overall, this is a free-flowing game, with the scope to create many mini-games within the game world. These quests will give players more to do, and more to unlock.

Overall, to take over the Storkful world by populating it with descendants, this is the greatest winnings. A family tree based Dynasty Score is the Ultimate Metric in the Storkful universe. More on this in

Oh, shopping!

The Storkful world is rife with e-commerce opportunities and in-app purchases. Further, makers will be allowed to create the products that will be available via the store.

This is a level-editor type of game play, where players will be able to create items for sale.

People will be able to rate in-store items, and their babies can be seen using the products via images. The upvoted babies become the product influencers for specific things. This also sets up the foundations to bring in brands and advertising.

Some of the items for purchase are:


Baby needs milk! This is a constant need … and milk must be priced at a reasonable level. Each milk bottle grows the baby by a day (each month is 1 year). 

Not feeding baby will eventually cause the baby to die.


All kinds of yummy branded snacks will be made available to the baby. Priced variously, these can be branded by advertisers. The creator of the product gets a revenue share as players purchase their items.

Growth Serum

Baby growth can be accelerated! Want to see what baby will look like a bit older? 

These shots of baby growth serum accelerate baby 1 year at a time!


Baby can be clothed variously, by purchasing clothes designed by the platform but also by other players. Priced variously, baby clothes can also be branded by advertisers.

School supplies, sports supplies, etc

More things will be released over time – as the player communities express various desires and interests. The focus would be on fun aspects of life, and will also focus on brand-able items.

Life Situations

The platform will develop certain Life Situations that work somewhat like SnapChat filters. Here are some examples:

The Learning to Ride a Bike Life Situation shows a player’s baby with a bicycle. The Losing a Tooth Life Situation shows a player’s baby with a lost tooth. Players can buy life situations from the Situation Browser or can accept the situations prompted by the system.

The platform will also allow players to submit requests/feedback for various aspects of the game, including what kind of Life Situations they want. The top voted ones will get developed, and the originator will get a revenue share.

The Social Network for Fake Babies

The storkful website itself behaves as a new social network for babies that do not exist. The structure of the website is very similar to a Facebook or an Instagram, where players can have their babies, and invite their friends and family to join their network. 

Anyone can follow any baby on their personal influencer page as well.

Branding and Advertising

The opportunity to create a virtual world and a media company based on the engagement within and outside the Storkful universe is compelling.

A native advertising stack will be built into the game world from fairly early on. The maker ecosystem for selling items, accessories, and Life Situations is a large part of creating a user-generated content economy that grows organically.

Storkles and the Storkful Economy

The Storkful universe is powered by a high-speed blockchain.

Each baby is a unique, non-fungible token, similar to cryptokitties. Each baby is an influencer on the Storkful social network, as well as has reach across traditional social media and web, as well as the app itself.

The advertising and commerce potential for each baby is unique and large, creating branding opportunities for several verticals including baby and kids, moms and dads and extended families, influencer style deals, and so on.

Each Storkful baby thus as an economic value, which can be traded.

The Storkful Exchange will allow babies to be traded in real-time. Babies are all priced in Storkles, as everything within the Storkful world is powered by the Storkle, a unique game world currency designed to power the Storkful economy.

Storkful Developer Network

Because the Storkful platform really is a tech-powered API driven set of micro-services, the world can be extended by partners.

Storkful will have other games and apps that 3rd-party developers can create, as well as editors such as items for the e-commerce engine.

The open plugin system allows extensibility and new ways of creating value within the Storkful franchise. Examples follow:

Baby Battles

Pokemon style battles between babies! See who prevails, earn Storkles! Or lose some!

Trivial Babies

A live streaming quiz game show for parents and babies! Earn and win Storkles!

Baby Talk

A simple Snapchat like interface for public chat rooms based on geographies, interests, etc. A combination of Snap/Twitter/Instagram, within Storkful, to facilitate communication between Storkful citizens.

Storkful Pre-launch

The pre-launch is a website where players will be able to reserve their baby name before the game launches. 

The reservation of the handle (and name) will receive the URL for their baby as well. For instance, a baby may be named Insane Dragonbaby of Westershire, and the handle chosen could be crazydragon, making the URL

Players will be able to reserve their baby name and handle for $99, right away, during the pre-launch phase.

This vanity URL will make the influencer network for fake babies behave like a regular real-world social network, and the photorealistic images will create a blurring of what is real and what is unreal.

Such is the contribution of Storkful to the exciting coming world of digital media – a world where distinguishing the real from the unreal is non-trivial!

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