Plus Team

Awake Plus is a service offered by AwakeVC, and in partnership with a few top firms in Silicon Valley

Leading boutique investment banks out of San Francisco, London, Chicago, NYC – forward looking and pushing the envelope on digital offerings and blockchain-powered fintech.

Leading boutique law firms pushing the envelope on corporate matters and the coming age of fintech and smart contracts.


A tech-enabled private equity firm, powered by a marketplace operating system. Awake is building out an interconnected marketplace of marketplace for the future of decentralized production and consumption. AwakeVC acts as the corp venture arm.

People Power

The team behind Awake Plus

Amit Rathore, AwakeVC, San Francisco, CA

Keith Newman, AwakeVC, San Francisco, CA

Lane Campbell, Activated Capital, New York, NY

Victor Angermueller, Recapture Partners, New York, NY

Ankur Consul, AwakeVC, London, UK

Sumeet Singh, AwakeVC, Bangalore, IN

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