Storkful Expansions

Storkful Ecosystem Roadmap

There are several areas of expansion:


Deepfake technology is continuing to improve and associated AI algorithms are also maturing. 

Storkful will incorporate video into the next version of the game, allowing for much more realistic rendering of kids that do not exist.

Streaming TV Shows 

We are already having conversations with creative studios that want to develop shows for platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and others. These shows will mix and match footage from game characters/players as well as live motion actors.

Examples of proposals include:

Million Dollar Babies

The lifestyle of the rich and famous fake kids. Based on characters / babies in the game that were created using a million dollars each – its kind of a Friends-for-Storkful episode series.

Stranger Babies

A show about the paranormal, based on kids from a certain neighborhood within the Storkful universe, and a secret invasion from another dimension!

Baby Got Talent

An American’s Got Talent but for the Storkful residents, the adoring public will be the voting mechanism. A highly social television program, powered by the app – this will push the boundaries on what non-linear programming can be.

Tamagotchi-style Accessories 

A possible direction is to invite a partner network of hardware manufacturers that offer Tamagotchi-style electronic devices such as a picture frame with a small LCD screen, keychains with small 2-inch screens, or other types of screens that show your baby when activated.

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