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Awake Plus is a program offered by AwakeVC, a new kind of tech-enabled private equity firm.

Awake is a holding company, and we’re building out a series of interconnected marketplace platforms. Each such marketplace platform really is a collection of dozens of companies around the world, each driving their own local P&Ls, working together as a global organism.

Welcome to the age of Reaggregation.


Why does a private equity firm building out marketplace platforms need a high-speed blockchain that can settle transactions in under one second, and can do over 100K TPS?

Why are we launching our own regulated exchange platform? Watch this space.

Awake Plus

Awake Plus is a new way to get professional help with your company. Designed for going concerns that have achieved relatively stable cash flow, Awake Plus is “investment-banking for everyone”.

See if your company qualifies.

We’re looking for bold entrepreneurs – see how AwakeVC can help scale your startup globally.

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