Welcome to Plus by AwakeVC

AwakeVC is a new type of company, an ecosystem of subsidiaries and joint ventures, each building out a marketplace platform for an aspect of our lives.

The process of creating truly large companies with massive value often needs a lot of corporate and legal infrastructure, not to mention financial engineering. AwakeVC is a tech-enabled private equity firm helping entrepreneurs and startups scale globally.

Building Venture Ecosystems for a New World Order

Most startup ecosystems are ill-equipped to work closely with their portfolio companies to really help them from an investment banking, strategic advisory or global corp dev.

Awake Plus extends these internal services to a broader ecosystem. We’re looking for growing cash flow businesses that we can help scale across this new seamlessly integrated global marketplace of marketplaces. Awake Plus is a path for younger startups to get ready for prime time.


A positive cash flow is the life blood of business. Awake helps you scale globally.



There are multiple ways of raising capital today, Awake helps plug you into global capital flows.



Awake helps you move HQ to favorable locales, and helps get you compliant.


Ready to scale globally?

Awake Plus is a benefit service for the best early stage startups from around the world.